Top Bass Kayaks on Amazon

Here's just a small selection of the fine kayaks available on amazon for your bass fishing needs.
Most bass fishing takes place in slower moving water, so you can get away with spending a little less on a smaller kayak. Smaller kayaks offer a few key advantages over a larger kayak. You'll find that they are lighter, so they will be easier to load and unload when fishing solo. They are more affordable, allowing you to spend more money on fishing gear (and beer!) and less money on your boat, and finally, they take up less storage space at home.

And if you are aren't in the market for a Kayak - be sure to check out my video page of great kayak fishing videos from youtube!

#1: If money is no object...Mirage Drive is really the ticket for hands free trolling, but be prepared to pay for it.

#2: Entry level and easy to handle rigid kayak.

#3: One of the best inflatable kayaks, hard to beat for the price and compact storage.